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Welcome to Vietnam!

We understand that living and working so far away from home often brings obstacles  such as language, communication, transportation, cuisine, culture… so we are here to connect you to new environment. And we start do it from where you live .

At SunVillas, we are ready to satisfied you  with a good home. Because We have good knowledge about rental market of foreigner in Hanoi, Sai Gon, and more we always listen to you to get the best advice on living standards, area where you enjoy living.

What we care about

  • Do you really like the house you live in Vietnam?
  • How is environment around where you live?
  • What kind of help do you need to help to get a better living environment?

We are always listening to what you want to say about life in Vietnam.

Meet our team


Martin Moore
Executive Director


Emily Austin
Marketing Director


Donna Reed
Customer Care


Russell Price
Creative Director

SunVillas is ready listen to you

What are criteria of a house would you like to rent?


Where do you want to live? And we will give you some of the best pieces of advice about this.


This is a simple way to find you the best option.


What kind of service do you like around where you live? Restaurant, Coffee shop, Park, Supermarket….

What type of house

What you love, a villa and beautiful garden, or an apartment with good view, or a service apartment with full service…

…and any other special requirements…

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