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Apartments for rent in Vietnam

In this section, we will talk about renting apartments in Vietnam and learning about apartment information before renting. When foreigners come to Vietnam to work, they often wonder about their whereabouts. So, what are they wondering?

  • Position from home to work, is it convenient to transportation ?
  • Is the construction quality of the apartment good?
  • What are the utilities of the urban area or that apartment?
  • What about interior and equipment inside the apartment?
  • Who will support the legal issues of the tenancy, disputes during use?

All questions will be answered in this section through the detailed article. And if you come to Vietnam to work and need to rent an apartment to live that meet the above standards please remember us Sunvillas, we will assist you.

Types of housing in Vietnam

Vietnam is a developing country and the pace of urbanization in Vietnam is very rapid, especially in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. In these two cities, there are many urban areas, high-class apartment buildings with many services in accordance with the standards of developed countries such as USA, UK, Japan and Korea.

In Vietnam, we have the following types of housing:

Foreigners rent housing in Vietnam

There is a large and varied number of foreigners living and working in Vietnam. Who are they? They are CEOs of corporations based in Vietnam, experts working in Vietnam, teachers. These expat communities are mainly come from the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Germany, Japan and  Korea.

Apartment information for rent in Vietnam

This section will help you to find out information of the apartments for rent.

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