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Happy home happy life

We focus on the living space of clients whom we are trying to serve better and better every day. That living space has to meet a standard that our clients and us have in common, which is “happy home happy life”. We appreciate every moment in our clients’ extraordinary lives and try to make them feel peaceful and relaxing every times they are at home.

Our housing service

Housing for Ambassadors – Embassy staff

They are the people who are working for Diplomatic organizations (e.g., Ambassadors, Consul Generals), Government and Non-government organizations in Vietnam.

Housing for Business men

They are General directors, CEOs, CFOs, Entrepreneurs, etc. who are living and working in Vietnam.

Housing for Experts

They are foreign experts who are working for government and non-government organizations, industrial corporations in Vietnam.

Living standard

Our first and foremost standard that we would like to deliver to our clients is “Happy home happy life”. Having worked with clients from different countries, we understand that their living standard is slightly varied from countries to countries. However, they all have the following standards in common, which are:

  • Safe living environment
  • Clean and quiet living environment
  • Living environment with a full range of services and facilities

Service quality control

Our consultancy service is to help you find a suitable housing and deal with rental agreement. The moment you sign the contract is the beginning of your new journey. We care for your feeling throughout the period that you live at your rental housing. Therefore, at the very beginning, we always work carefully based on a detailed procedure to ensure your rental agreement is just and reasonable and help you avoid unwanted issues.

Always maintaining service quality and customer service is our business rule. We will always be by your side to help you in case of problems arising throughout the rental period. Our service quality standard is based on your peaceful living.

We especially care for the following issues:

  • The legality of rental agreement
  • Just terms and conditions for all parties
  • Services at your home
  • Technical matters at your rental housing

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