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Vinhomes Royal City urban area project information

This article will give you an overview of  Royal City urban area project, which analyzes the strengths that the Royal City owns to highlight the difference, the competitiveness compared to the neighboring urban areas. It also explains why this is the most livable urban area in Hanoi.

Through this overview, you will find Royal City prominent by the utility, centrality of services such as Trade Center, Pool Services, GYM, Cinemas … These utilities are the reason why many customers  choose Royal City Apartments to purchase as well as foreigners choose to rent.

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Overview of Vinhomes Royal City

Vinhomes Royal City Location:  No.72 Nguyen Trai street, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi

Land area planned:  130.000 sq.m

Investor: Vingroup

Project scale: Vinhomes Royal City project is a high-end apartment complex and commercial center, which consists of 6 luxury apartment blocks denoted as R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6. The commercial center is designed under two basements including supermarket, utility stores, fashion shops, restaurants, leisure center, cinema …

Utility services: Swimming pool, gym, tennis court, basketball court, tennis court, promenade, school and the entire commercial center under R1 and R2 basement.

Evaluation of Vinhomes Royal City

Nowadays, Vinhomes Royal City is the most modern high-end apartment complex and commercial center. At the beginning of construction, Vinhomes Royal City complex is considered as the housing area leading the market trend for high-end standards and service standards combining the functions of commercial utilities, school, physical training and sports in an enclosed urban area. With such leading standards, Vinhomes Royal is always the first choice for customers who want to buy housing to live here, as well as creating an attraction for customers who need to rent an apartment.

Highlights of Vinhomes Royal City

  • The most prime location in Thanh Xuan district
  • High quality housing
  • Services and utilities are adequate for modern life

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